City of Linz at the Rhine

Introducing the "Colourful City on the Rhine"

Welcome to beautiful Linz!

The medieval beauty on the sunny side of the Rhine delights guests from near and far with its picturesque flair and lovingly maintained historic old town. Characteristic of Linz are the dreamy corners and alleys with their town houses dating back five centuries. It is these that form the picturesque backdrop to Linz. The entire old town area has also been designated a monument zone.

Linz has borne the epithet "Colourful City on the Rhine" since the 1920s. The term "colourful city" stands for the many colourfully decorated half-timbered buildings, the diverse range of events and the "colourful Linz life", dominated by the traditions kept alive, the history, the originality, the Rhenish joie de vivre and the sense of home of the Linz community.

What is special about Linz

As soon as you enter the historic town, you will experience pure deceleration.

Let yourself be enchanted by Linz and discover Rhine romance, a picturesque old town ambience and Rhenish joie de vivre!

Hours of sunshine
Half-timbered houses