Guided city tours in Linz at the Rhine

Tradition, mysticism, history and Rhenish humour

Get to know the "colourful city at the Rhine" from its special side.

Our city guides will accompany you in a charming way through the historic alleys of Linz's old town.

Classic guided city tour through the old town of Linz

This guided tour offers you interesting insights into the eventful city history of Linz. You will discover the historical sights and learn some hidden peculiarities of the "colourful city at the Rhine". Duration 60 minutes. Priced at 60 € / group.

Classical guided city tour incl. visit of St. Martin's Church

After the classic guided tour of the city follows a visit to St. Martin's Church. The worth seeing, historical inventory as well as the elaborate wall paintings from the 13th century are an absolute highlight. Duration 90 minutes. Priced at 70 € / group.

Themed tour "Jewish History in Linz"

Learn interesting facts about Jewish life in Linz. After industrialization reached Linz in the 19th century, many Jewish merchants settled in the city. They traded mainly in livestock, food and textiles. Today you can still find well-preserved houses, a prayer room, a synagogue and the Jewish cemetery. Duration 60 minutes. Priced at 60 € / group.

Themed tour "In the footsteps of Mattar & Scheler"

The unique guided tour "In the footsteps of Mattar & Scheler" is a time travel into the 20th century. The two architects erected numerous buildings in Linz. Duration 60 minutes. Priced at 60 € / group.


Culinary city tour

This tour consists of a classic city tour combined with 5 culinary stops. At the most important sights we stop for a short snack break between the explanations. Get to know the culinary diversity of the "Colourful City at the Rhine". Including original Linz businesses and traditional handicrafts. Duration 120 minutes. Costs 22 € / person incl. a small gift (bookable from 10 persons, up to a maximum of 20 people, less than 10 persons price on request).

PLEASE NOTE: The culinary city tour must be requested by e-mail and not via the form.

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