Linz Traditions

In beautiful Linz customs and traditions are loved and lived.

Especially important in Linz are the traditions kept alive as well as the lived history. The centuries-old traditions are cultivated and lived with great dedication, passion and commitment.


Whether it's events like the Winzerfest, Uhles-Essen, Klapperlauf, carnival or the Martinbrauch - that's what makes "Bunte Linzer Leben" so unique and special!

Linz half-timbering

Characteristic for Linz are the dreamy corners and alleys with their half-timbered houses from five centuries. They are what make the picturesque Linz as a backdrop.

Half-timbered houses have a long tradition in Linz, such as the magnificent and elaborately decorated Bungart House in Neustrasse. Not a single nail was used in the construction of this half-timbered house. Only wooden pegs hold the heavy timbering together storm-proof.

Often decorative forms such as the "Wild Man" or the "St. Andrew's Cross" adorn the historic half-timbering. Guild signs such as tanner, stonemason or carpenter can also be found in the gables. Lovingly restored, they are now being passed on to new generations.

Historische Linzer Altstadt