St. Martin's procession in Linz

This is how Linz celebrates Saint Martin

When the dark season arrives in November, the time of the St. Martin's processions comes again. A time when colourful lanterns and burning torches light up the villages and towns along the romantic Rhine and traditional songs ring out in the streets.

St. Martin's Day is of special significance in Linz, because St. Martin is the patron saint of the Linz parish church. After the traditional St. Martin's story, read by the mayor on the market square, the procession sets off with St. Martin in the lead. With music and singing, the procession moves through the alleys of Linz to the banks of the Rhine, where the traditional St. Martin's fire is lit. Afterwards, participants and visitors let the evening fade away with warming mulled wine or punch and the impressive bonfire. The little visitors look forward to the St. Martin's wafers, which are distributed by volunteers to every child with a lantern on the way to the St. Martin's bonfire.

St. Martin auf seinem Pferd umgeben von Kindern
Musikkapelle im Martinsumzug
Kinder mit Laternen
Zufriedene Kinder mit Martinsgebäck