Rhine gate with customs house

Since the first half of the 14th century (construction began around 1320) Linz was fortified with a one-meter high city wall made of basalt and quarry stone with four large city gates, two of which have been preserved. A striking point in the panorama of the city is still the massive Rhine gate with the adjoining customs house. However, it is no longer the original gate construction, because the tower was rebuilt in the 15th or 16th century and its appearance has been changed several times since then. From the customs house on the right, the customs officers came through a small gate in the city wall directly to the landing stage on the banks of the Rhine. During the frequent floods, of which high water marks from several centuries at the Rheintor testify, a covered battlement on the city wall secured the connection from the customs house to the castle. Rheinzoll was levied in Linz from 1365 to 1803 and was extremely profitable for the city, because every ship had to stop at the customs office and have its goods assessed.

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Linz am Rhein Burgplatz
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