Pornic (France)

The French beauty right by the sea

In the mid-1980s, the desire grew in Pornic to enter into a partnership with a German town. Elfriede Médard, who had grown up in Linz and had moved to Pornic for personal reasons, took this up enthusiastically. In the spring of 1986, she presented the request of Gilbert Pollono, the mayor of Pornic, to Theo Lück, the mayor of Linz. However, despite all the sympathy for the initiative, the municipal bodies initially found it difficult. It was not until an exploratory trip led by Mayor Lück in May 1987 that things turned around: The warm hospitality of the people of Pornice was a decisive factor in bringing them closer together.

Finally, on 10-11 October 1987, a delegation from Pornice visited Linz, and Mayor Pollono unceremoniously presented the people of Linz with a partnership deed ready to be signed. On 4 June 1988, the two city leaders sealed the friendship in Pornic. Thanks to many impulses, the partnership between Linz and Pornic has been developing on many levels since 1987. In addition to school exchanges, meetings and trips by carnivalists, choirs, sports clubs, folklore groups, dance groups, youth groups and private individuals have taken place. Official visits and return visits are also regularly on the programme.

In order to maintain and promote the partnership, the Linz-Pornic Circle of Friends was founded in 1993. It was to be the point of contact for the Pornic twinning committee, establish contacts, arrange language courses and organise car-sharing. The connection between the carnivalists, supported by the Funkencorps Blau-Wiess and the Comité de Mi-Carême, is also particularly intensive. Over the years, close friendships and even families have developed among the host families. And so the Pornic carnivalists are delighted every year when they arrive with the call "Linz pif! Pornic paf! Linz-Pornic pif-paf!" they are guests in Linz and their Linz friends when they greet them with a hearty "Linz Alaaf! Pornic Alaaf!" they may take part in the Pornic carnival parade.

The twin town of Pornic lies directly on the Jade coast and about 50 km west of Nantes. 10 km north of Pornic, the Loire flows into the Atlantic. Pornic also borders Brittany with its yacht and fishing harbour.

From Pornic you have a beautiful view of the island of Noirmoutier in good weather. The "Sentier des Douaniers" hiking trail along the rocky stone coast is ideal for walks.

Lovers of good cuisine will get their money's worth with the local products of the Fraiserie (jams, ice creams,...) or the famous "Curé Nantais", a cheese made directly in Pornic.

Linz & Pornic

35 years of lively friendship between cities

Jubiläumsfahrt 35 Jahre Freunschaft Linz Pornic
Jubiläumsfahrt 35 Jahre Freunschaft Linz Pornic
Schiffsausflug in Pornic
Stadtwappen Pornic
Küste von Pornic
Küste Pornic

German-French exchange

"Freundeskreis" Linz-Pornic

Who are we?

The Freundeskreis Linz-Pornic e. V. has been committed to exchange and international understanding for over 25 years within the framework of the town twinning of the city of Linz am Rhein with Pornic. Personal relationships, hospitality, joint trips and events are part of the association's activities.


What do we do?

  • Partner visits
  • Joint excursions
  • French conversation
  • French cooking and eating
  • Watching French films
  • Meetings and walks
  • Art exhibitions
  • Playing boules
  • Wine tasting
  • Concerts

Fancy a taste of France?

Then come and have a look and enjoy a colourful range of French events and activities.

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