Linz (Saxony)

Little Linz in Eastern Germany

Linz, as part of the municipality of Schönfeld, can look back on centuries of eventful history, just like the town of Linz am Rhein. But it was only the recent past with the reunification of the two German states that also led to an East-West connection Linz-style in the early 1990s. A spontaneous visit by the Kutzner couple from Linz in Saxony to the colourful city on the Rhine developed into a friendly relationship that was sealed with an official declaration of friendship on the first anniversary of reunification, 3 October 1991.

In it, Linz Mayor Adi Buchwald and his Saxon counterpart Martin Klauka expressed their desire to remain connected in a friendly manner at the beginning of a free, democratic and unified Germany and welcomed the meeting of people, especially the youth, as well as the mutual exchange of experiences in the various municipal areas. This wish has been fulfilled. Mutual official visits, private contacts and hospitality always characterised by great cordiality have consolidated the bridge-building from Linz to Linz and led to the dismantling of the "wall in people's minds".